To the Memory of the 12 Brothers who were killed on October 17, 1966. This Plaque is Displayed at the Fire Academy on Randalls Island.

Caissons leave St. Patrick's Cathedral after Requiem Mass for the deceased members who were killed in the collapse.

Out of town Firefighters Salute as caisson passes.

Fire vents through the roof.

As the floors collapsed a fire ball erupted through the roof.

The building is fully involved.

View from the street.

Firefighters attempt to gain access into the drug store to reach trapped members.

Firefighters are using a battering ram to try & breach the wall in the drug store.

The front of the drug store in the morning.

A firefighter is using a Hallagan tool to break open a wall.

The water was up past their knees in the basement of the drug store.

Mayor Lindsey & Fire Commissioner Lowery at the scene.

Fire Chiefs are taking an inventory of the missing helmets.

There is almost nothing left of this Helmet.

A view from across the street from the roof.

An ambulance is standing by at the scene.

A crane is in front of the fire building.

The building ia a burned out shell.

The burned out roof area.

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