This was taken upon my arrival at Bronx 5th Alarm Box 2504 on 1-05-02, The Location of Westchester & Intervale Avenues. This was the Intervale Ave. side of the fire building.

Heavy smoke vents through the sidewalk cellar doors on the Westchester Ave.side. Fire was in a 200 X 200 Foot Furniture store in a row of Taxpayers!

Fire blows out of the Westchester Ave. side of the fire building!

An exterior Attack is in operation!

Heavy smoke on Intervale Ave.!

Fire in the basement!

Tower Ladder 17 at work on Exposure Three!

Engine Company 212 operates with the High Expansion Foam Unit!

Heavy Fire vents through the roof as it starts to snow!

Firefighter operates in a blanket of foam!

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