November 12, 1979 - It was Veteran's Day, I just got off a midnight to 8:00am shift at the EMS Communications Center in Maspeth. I lived on 79th Street on the Middle Village side of Elmhurst. I went to bed and was awakened by my scanner as 2nd Alarm was transmitted over the Brooklyn Fire radio frequency. The fire was in Greenpoint at a gasoline transfer storage facility located at North Henry Street and Kingsland Ave and Greenpoint Ave. I lived about 10 to 15 minutes away from the fire. As I was responding, I heard a loud explosion. A 3rd Alarm was transmitted. A gasoline truck backed over and hit one of the loading bays where gas is loaded onto the trucks. The heat from the trucks muffler caused an explosion and fire. The fire was expanding quickly to the other loading docks. Handlines were stretched and quickly put into operation. Tower ladder 115 went into operation. The Foam unit, an old Mack pumper quickly put foam on the fire. soon the fire darkened down and disaster was averted.

Tower Ladder 115 is getting ready to go into operation. ( I used an Olympus OM1 with B&W film and an Olympus OM2 with color film ) Photo taken on 11-12-79.

The Foam Unit is loading foam concentrate into the rig. Photo taken on 11-12-79.

Firefighters have numerous handlines in operation. Photo taken on 11-12-79.

Firefighters move in with a foam line. Photo taken on 11-12-79.

The Foam unit is hitting the fire. Photo taken on 11-12-79.

Black and white images are very dramatic. Photo taken on 11-12-79.

Firefighters are working with a handline. The main body of fire has been knocked down and the threat of more explosions averted. Another great job by the FDNY. Photo taken on 11-12-79.

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