September 9th 1979 - A 5th Alarm plus numerous special calls were transmitted for a fire in the vacant Gardner Warehouse at 12th Ave and 59th Street near the Hudson River. The huge block long warehouse was vacant. Manhattan units used to drill in this building. I was working the midnight shift in the NYC EMS Communication Center in Maspeth Queens. I was working on the Brooklyn board. Each dispatcher would work one hour on the hot seat and then take an hour off and take a break from the stress. We knew there was a huge fire in manhattan on the West side as multiple alarms were transmitted. I took my first breat at about 1:00 am. I took a ride to the fire in Manhattan. When I arrived in about 20 minutes, the building was fully involved. Flames were at least 100 feet in the air. I made my way down to the base of the Hudson river at West 59th Street.

This photo was taken from 12th Ave looking North. To my left is the West Side highway. Satellite 1 was operating on the West side highway. Photo taken on 9-09-79.

I used 2 cameras, one with B & W film and the other one with color film. Fire was showing in all the windows in the warehouse. Photo taken on 9-09-79.

The view from the Hudson River looking towards the Westside highway and the fire building. Photo taken on 9-09-79.

Satellite One on operation from the Westside Highway. Photo taken on 9-09-79.

The Superpumper Tender in operation. Photo taken on 9-09-79.

The building has started to collapse. Photo taken on 9-09-79.

The Super Tender's powerful stream attacks the fire. After I took these images, I returned back to work in Queens and took the "Hot Seat" dispatching Brooklyn Ambulances. Photo taken on 9-09-79.

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