Feburary 26, 1992 - A man walked into a store and poured a liquid and set it on fire. The fire quickly extended throughout the building. Queens box 3158 was transmitted for a fire in a store located at 110-44 Queens Blvd near Ascan ave in Forest hills. The stores included the Portofino restaurant. The fire quickly went to a 2nd Alarm, as flames extended throughout the taxpayer and through the roof. Exposure number 2 was a six story occuppied apartment house. The flames were up against the apartment house. The 3rd and 4th Alarms were transmitted.

Firefighters are working on the Ascan Ave side of the fire building. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

The fire is through the roof. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

Two Tower ladders are operating on the Queens Blvd & Ascan corner of the building. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

Heavy fire showing from the roof. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

Queens Blvd was closed for hours while firefighters battled the fire. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

This was an exterior attack with 5 Tower ladders in operation. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

Firefighters are working with a handline hitting the Portofino restaurant. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

The view from the roof of an apartment building across Queens Blvd. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

A general view of the scene as firefighters are making good progress in knocking down the fire. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

Friends from Rescue Company Four. Photo taken on 2-26-92.

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