FDNY EMS unit 32 Adam treats a woman who slipped on the ice and fractured her ankle, On 1-12-01.

32 Adam prepares the woman for transport.

Brooklyn All Hands Box 43, Located at 104 India Street, Greenpoint. Members rescued 3 victims from this suspicious blaze, 2 of the victims were in cardiac arrest, This victim is being worked on in the ambulance.

CPR is being performed on this victim.

This victim was a 10-45 Code 3, She suffered burns and smoke inhalation.

Injured firefighter being worked on by EMS workers.

While being removed to the ER this obese patient went into cardiac arrest.

Firefighters assisted in the removal to the hospital and the ER

Rescue workers remove this victim from an overturned auto

The victim suffered injuries to his arm & back

Two victims were rescued from an apartment blaze in Brooklyn.

Both suffered burns and smoke inhalation.

FDNY EMS workers package this victim into the ambulance.

Firefighters suffering exposure to a hazardous material are being treated by FDNY EMS workers.

3 people were injured at this car accident

This victim had neck & back injuries.

This victim is being removed to an awaiting ambulance after being pinned in the auto.

Two people were struck by an auto. They both suffered fractured legs.

This victim is being treated for head & back injuries he suffered when he fell and struck his head on the sidewalk.


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