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Emergency Service Truck 2 displays its equipment in the early 1990's

ESU Truck 10 members cut out a victim who was pinned in his vehicle.

Emergency Service Officers rescue a jumper from the roof of the World Trade Center in the early 1980's.

ESU Officers from 9 truck in Queens, save a victim in this trench rescue in the early 1990's

This victim was removed from the Brooklyn Bridge after he threatened to jump in 1999.

ESU Officers from upper Manhattan & the Bronx rescue this construction worker after an I beam fell & pinned his legs.

ESU Officer from Queens climbed up on this carnival ride that got stuck upside down, 40 feet in the air, trapping riders for more than an hour.

ESU Officers are Scuba Trained. Truck 2 Officers constantly drill, perfecting their techniques.

ESU Officer wearing his scuba gear tests the waters.

Officers from Two Truck are removing an "Emotionally Disturbed Person" (EDP) from a Police station in upper Manhattan.

ESU Officers from Queens cut out the cab driver who was pinned in his vehicle.

Brooklyn ESU Officers had to catch & remove this dog who attacked a child.

This victim is being extricated after his vehicle crashed into the back of a truck.

Queens ESU Officers operate at a crime scene. They help with evidence searches.

Queens ESU Officers operate at a "Pin Job".

This Truck 2 ESU Officer has to clean up after working at an upper Manhattan building collapse.


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