Box 479 December 30, 1966, Four Alarms!, 169 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn. 12 Story Standish Arms Hotel.

This was one of the most "Spectacular" Rescue Attempts in the history of the FDNY. Fire was showing on the top three floors. A woman appeared at the 11th floor window. The high Ladder company 119 was special called for their 144 ft. aerial ladder. Firefighter Rizzo and Lt. Chicko climbed to the top of the ladder, They then had to use an extension to try and reach the woman. As the story goes, the woman went back into the apartment to get her dog, and was suddenly enveloped in fire!
She fell out the window just missing the outstretched hand of Firefighter Rizzo and fell to her death. Both Firefighter Rizzo and Lt. Chicko recieved medals for their show of valor and their performance of duty at great personal risk.

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