WNYF 1st Issue 1988. My First WNYF Cover shot. Third alarm in a supermarket in Astoria, Queens.

WNYF 3rd issue 1988. On the deck of the Fireboat Firefighter looking towards lower Manhattan at the Seaport.

WNYF 4th issue 1988. A building Collapse in Midtown Manhattan.

WNYF 2nd issue 1989. This young boy was rescued from his burning apartment.

WNYF 3rd issue 1989. Firefighters and EMS attempt to revive this boy that fell into a sewer.

WNYF 4th issue 1989. A Maspeth, Queens 2nd Alarm in a frame building.

WNYF 1st issue 1990. A second Alarm in a Greenpoint, Brooklyn commercial building.

WNYF 2nd issue 1990. A Third alarm in a row of stores in Kew Gardens, Queens.

WNYF 3rd issue 1990. The Spectacular Bronx gas explosion.

WNYF ist issue 1991. Five Alarm fire in a Sunset Park, Brooklyn carpet warehouse.

WNYF 4th Issue 1991. A gas explosion and fire leveled a house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

WNYF 3rd issue 1993. The World Trade Center bombing in Feburary 1993.

WNYF 4th issue 1993. Queens 2nd alarm in a frame dwelling.

WNYF 2nd issue 1996. The Spectacular 18 Alarm St. George Hotel fire in Brooklyn.

WNYF 4th issue 1998. Five Alarm Fire in a Washington Heights apartment house.

WNYF 1st issue 2000. 2nd Alarm in an Astoria, Queens private dwelling.

WNYF 3rd issue 2000. A gas explosion leveled this brownstone dwelling at this Brooklyn 4th Alarm.

WNYF 1st issue 2001. 3rd Alarm Fire in a one story commercial building in Flushing, Queens

WNYF 2nd issue 2002. 3rd Alarm in a Jamaica, Queens factory.

WNYF 1st issue 2003. Five Alarm Fire in a Candle Factory in Brownsville, Brooklyn

WNYF 3rd issue 2003. A Four alarm fire in a row of stores in Woodside, Queens.

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