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About Steve

Steve's love for photography began when he was just a child. Beginning with his EMS career in the 70's, Steve's passion continued as he began documenting local fires and disasters. Currently, Steve donates his photos and videos to the FDNY for training purposes. 

He was honored on June 16th, 2001 by Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen when he was promoted to the rank of Honorary Deputy Chief. Steve is also a member of the Fire Bell Club of New York. Steve has been a freelance photographer for more than 25 years. His photos have appeared in all the major newspapers in the New York City area, including the New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, N.Y. Post, Associated Press, and UPI. He was also published in Firehouse, Fire Engineering and WNYF magazines and other publications.

Steve is the author of New York Lifesavers which was published in 1991. He has also won numerous awards for his photos including the UFA, UFOA, National Press Photographers Association and the International Fire Photographers Association. His videos have appeared on all the local television stations in the NYC area.

Steve worked for the New York City Emergency for eight years as an EMT, a dispatcher, and a communications instructor before becoming a court officer in 1983. He was promoted to senior court officer in 1987. He was then promoted to senior court clerk in 1997, and eventually was promoted to associate court clerk. Steve retired from the NYS Court System in November of 2010. 

Steve in the NYC EMS, circa 1977.
Steve in the NYC EMS, circa 1977.